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Catfish House Restaurant

100% Local

3011 Cobbs Ford Rd.
Millbrook , Alabama 36054 (view map)
Phone: (334) 285-7225 FAX: (334) 285-5888 Website: Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday
4:30pm – 9:00pm


catfish house restaurant in millbrook, al





Customers come first here and we aren’t afraid to let you know that we can cater to nearly everyone’s unique wants when it comes to a good meal. We pride ourselves on serving our guests only the very best, freshly prepared food with great prices and even better customer service.

Our entrées range a bit further than simply catfish, which we serve as boneless fillets or whole. Guests can be served varieties of seafood including oysters, scallops, shrimp and crab. Along with our different variety of food we can also prepare each one to your individual liking. Our specialty is of course fried seafood, which is breaded fresh in our kitchen right before it is fried. For those of our guests that are trying to stay away from the deep fried taste, almost every item on our menu can be grilled and even more of our menu items can be broiled. Either of which can be seasoned however you like. Other than our wide selection of entrées we also offer some exceptional sides that range from your baked potato or fries to fried dill pickles or sweet potato fries. Along side your entrée and side, we also serve our setup. The setup consists of piping hot hushpuppies served in a small tin washtub, fresh creamy coleslaw and perfectly cooked white beans served in a three legged wrought iron kettle. After indulging in your entrée, side and setup we offer an array of desserts. For those looking for a slice of sweetness, we offer a New York style cheesecake, white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake, pecan pie and lastly our chocolate ultimate cake, which has 7 types of chocolate in it.  For those looking elsewhere to satisfy their sweet tooth, we also serve Southern Fried Pies. The name explains it all and they come in several different flavors including our two most popular, apple and chocolate.

Along with our great food, we wanted to make sure that we had plenty of room to seat everyone to keep our wait at the door as short as possible. That is why our new building seats over 275 customers at one time. We offer three separate dining rooms that all have large windows to overlook a pond behind the restaurant. Along with a great view of the pond outside, we have also decorated the walls of the restaurant with thousands of different items ranging from vintage soft drink signs to John Wayne memorabilia to old farming equipment.

We at The Catfish House, with our low key attitude and high class service, want to be your favorite restaurant in central Alabama. From our large selection on the menu to our large spacious dining rooms, every aspect of our operation is geared towards satisfying you as our customer. So come and bring the family to an amazing dining experience you won’t forget!
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