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Bird Buffet N Things, LLC

100% Local

1013 South Memorial Drive
Prattville , AL 36067 (view map)
Phone: (334) 380-3070 FAX: (928) 447-1057 Website: Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

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bird buffet n things in prattville al


Visit our Website at

Thank you for choosing Bird Buffet N Things centrally located in Prattville, Alabama!  Since 2009 we have been providing our services to not only the Prattville and Montgomery, Alabama communities but also to bird enthusiasts all across the country!  We look forward to meeting you if you are centrally located and can make it to our store on S. Memorial Drive in Prattville.  Otherwise, please visit our main website and browse our wide selection of bird feed and seed, toys, treats, supplements, cages and more!  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (334) 380-3070 or email us at

bird toys and supplements bird cages and bird accessories in prattville al

Bird Feed and Seed

We carry a wide range of feed and seed including Parrot food, Cockatiel food, Canary Food and Finch Food. Pelleted/extruded diets, seed diets, specialized bird diets by breed, handfeeding formula, treats, spray millet, dehydrated fruits and veggies, prepared/soft/soaked diets, and eggfood.  More...

Bird Vitamins and Supplements

At Bird Buffet N Things we care a wide array of all th e necessary vitamins and supplements for exotic birds.  Browse our products at our website.  Learn More...

Bird Toys

As humans we all know the importance of having fun and staying fit!  It's important that we do the same for your birds too!  Please visit our website and browse our wide selection of bird toys that will ensure that your bird is always happy and physically fit!  Learn More... 

Bird Cages and Accessories

Please visit our website to browse our huge selection of bird cages, bird stands and cage accessories.  Learn More...

Bird Grooming and Accessories

At Bird Buffet N Things we offer our clients extremely affordable Beak, Wing and Nail Clippings for the pets.  Please call to make an appointment.  If you are looking for grooming products to keep your bird looking his/her best please feel free to browse our online store by clicking HERE!

Exotic Bird Sales

Are you in the market for purchasing your first bird?  If so, please contact us to find out more about our in-house selection of exotic birds.

Bird Boarding

Are you going out of town or just need somewhere safe to board your exotic bird?  Please feel free to give us a call to make a reservation.


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