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With eShipGate's software, you can:

Rate Shop Major Carriers


Access to UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL with Rate Shop All on OneScreen!

  • Make Informed Shipping Decisions With all the Rates on One Screen

  • Our Software Gives You the Information You Need to Make An Informed Decision; Rate Quoting on Individual Carrier Software Doesn’t Show Competitor Prices

  • Notice, Depending on the Location, USPS Priority Could Deliver Your Package in 1 Day for Half the Price of FedEx 2 Day!


Discounted Rates


eShipGate has Negotiated Discounted Shipping Rates with USPS and DHL

  • Up to 60% off DHL

  • We offer USPS Commercial Plus Pricing to Everyone

  • No Volume Minimums!



E-Commerce Integration

Your orders come in automatically from the most popular shopping carts. No more copying and pasting to create your shipping labels. We import your orders for you. Learn More About E-Commerce Integration.


Merchant Processing Gateways

eShipGate Integrates With Merchant Processing Gateways To Provide E-Commerce Users Access To Our Multi-Carrier Shipping Platform. Address Information is Easily Pulled to Create Shipping Labels.



Let’s Sum it Up!

You Choose Your Package! Pay A Low Monthly Charge, Or a One-Time Fee! eShipGate Provides Access to all 4 Major Carriers (USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS), Offers Discounted Rates, Integrates With Your E-Commerce Shopping Cart, and Integrates With Major Merchant Processing Gateways! No Contracts Required!



VIP Shipping also allows you to rate shop & save money on freight shipping! Click Here for More Information!

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