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Natural Medicines & Family Practice / David Overton, PA-C

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1315 Ruddell Rd
Lacey , WA 98503 (view map)
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David is a nationally Certified Physician Assistant who provides integrated conventional and wholistic medical care at Natural Medicines & Family Practice, in Lacey Washington, under the supervision of Dr. Richard Faiola, MD, ABFM.

Physician Assistants, or PA’s, are licensed to provide health care similar to MDs. So, what does that mean to you?

That means that you can go to David for things from cardiac arrest to the common cold, just like a regular doctor, but perhaps with more personal attention.

David combines the best of conventional and alternative medical care to provide the best results for your situation.

PA’s work with MDs to handle:

•    urgent care, checkups and physical exams
•    problem solving, education, counseling and referrals
•    order and interpret lab tests and x rays
•    write prescriptions
•    perform surgeries and many other services

"We see better results using the best of conventional and wholistic approaches."

Listen to David Overton's interview with Dick Pust - MIXX96 FM

We also provide treatment plans to:

  • Find and treat the causes of your health problems
  • Provide relief from symptoms or increase your energy so you can have more fun, be more productive, or enjoy more the time with family and friends
  • Control costs or decrease the risk of hospitalizations and promote longevity

Within several appointments, we'll:

  1. Address lifestyle risks and problems
  2. Indentify and treat degenerative problems to prevent or treat conditions so common in America, or that run in your family.
  3. Diagnose and manage your problems using past medical records or more accurate tests (if needed).
  4. Manage your issues by creating a customized treatment that can include:
    • Conventional treatments; prescription drugs, diagnostic testing, referrals
    • Wholistic treatments; lifestyle and nutritional counseling, weight loss, homeopathy, herbal medicines, nutritional medicine, naturopathic approaches, energy medicine, vitamin shots, auriculotherapy (needle-less acupuncture) and more as needed.

How do we do this?

Most people have a sequence of common conditions, lifestyle issues and genetic risks that are treatable. Most clinicians are not trained to recognize, or manage, the sequences, so they just treat the various symtoms or problems. We address the causes of the symptoms and problems.

"Patients of all ages, children, men and women are welcome in our practice."

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You can stop by and purchase supplements for a wide variety of conditions without becoming a patient. You can call and purchase supplements which we will ship to you.


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