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Buds & Blades Landscape Company

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Buds & Blades


We love maintenance and we love working with homeowners and small businesses that enjoy their landscapes. We offer weekly scheduled service, routine gardening service, lawn renovation and replacement, clean-ups, and pruning. Also, outdoor Christmas decorating is a newer service we are excited to be offering.

Weekly scheduled service – Includes weekly trimming and mowing during the growing season, fertilizer and weed control, pruning, and leaf clean-up. Our agreements are based on an annual basis and billed monthly. 

Gardening service – This service is usually set up to have a crew come out once per month and spend an extended period of time pruning, cleaning beds, planting, small projects, etc.

Lawn renovations – Renovating your lawn can include de-thatching, aerating, overseeding, moss control, liming, and topdressing.  In some instances we may recommend replacement of either sod or hydroseed.

Pruning - We very much pride ourselves on our pruning services.  We have the proper tools and techniques in place to take care of your trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials. Our trained personnel takes pride in their work and enjoys plants that still look like plants when finished.

Clean-ups - We can help get your landscape back under control and to a manageable point. Clean-ups can include weeding, leaf removal, re-establishing lawn edges, pruning or removal of overgrown landscape plantings, beauty bark installation and more. 

New -Outdoor Christmas decorating - Our Christmas decorating service includes design, furnishing of lights, wreaths, garlands and more. We work with Holiday Bright Lights, and can provide you with a display that is unique to your home.  Service includes installation, removal, and storage.

Our full time employees receive regular training on the job, through industry sponsored programs, and from vendors. We work with local companies that can give us great service, and products that in turn allow us to give you great service and products.

Please call, when you are ready to work with professionals who care about your landscape and are looking for a long term relationship that will improve the landscape at your home or small business.


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