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906 NW 14th AVE
Portland , Oregon 97209 (view map)
Phone: 971-255-1053 Website:


SALT GROTTO is the first artificial salt cave on the West coast of the United States offering a modern method of health enhancement – the Halotherapy. Halotherapy ["halos" in Greek means salt] is a drug-free and completely natural way of treatment. It occurs in a controlled air environment that simulates a natural salt cave microclimate. Halotherapy stems from even older "Speleotherapy" ["speleo" means cave] that historically utilized real salt mines as the venue for therapy. Salt mines and their therapeutic properties have been noted since the times of Hippocrates. This method has been widely used all over Europe and is now coming to Portland – its first Pacific Northwest home. SALT GROTTO is constructed to resemble a natural cave-like environment ensuring a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing experience. It was built from natural blocks of salt from Poland and Pakistan. The floor surface is covered with a thick layer of Dead Sea Salt. SALT GROTTO’s characteristics are almost identical to natural salt caves in terms of physical, chemical and biological conditions, including their healing properties. Air filling the Salt Grotto is rich with valuable micro elements and does not include any noxious substances characteristic of the modern city environment. With a high content of sodium chloride, which has anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties, purity of air in the Grotto is ten times higher than outside. Therapeutic advantages result from the creation of natural aerosols of negatively charged particles.

These characteristics of micro climate, i.e. biological and chemical purity, saturation with trace elements, and negative ionization, have beneficial effects on all age groups and health conditions.

Everyone can benefit from visiting Salt Grotto: healthy people gain from the tranquility and anti-ageing properties of SALT GROTTO, while people suffering from asthma, allergies, dermatologic diseases ( eczema, psoriasis ) or rheumatology diseases notice the significant improvement of their condition.

One session in SALT GROTTO is equivalent to three days on the beach

To reach the maximum effect, repeated visits are strongly recommended. Visits in SALT GROTTO should occur once a week for preventive reasons and a 2-3 times a week for people who are looking for health improvements.

Substantial improvement of health condition was seen after about seven visits.


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