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Classics & Oddities

100% Local

1235 Commerce Ave
Longview , WA 98632 (view map)
Phone: 360-747-2393 Hours:

Wednesday – Sunday 11am-7pm

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 Video Games, Records & Much More!! 

 Music - CD's, Records, Cassettes, 8-tracks

Movies - Laser Disc, Beta Max, VHS, DVD


Video Games - Accessories, Systems, Games       

Vintage - Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, etc  

Classic - Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, etc

Modern - Sony Playstation1,2, Xbox, Gamecube


Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic

Collectibles - Toys, Board Games and Vintage Items


If you want it, we'll find it!

Some items might take longer to find, but we will keep trying!

Local Rewards

Reward Details: 1 Free Disc Buffing per visit (Not to be combined with any other offers.) (Expires: Never)


Provided by Classics & Oddities

1 FREE Disc Buff Come get your Discs (CD, DVD, Games) Buffed

Come get your Discs (CD, DVD, Games) Buffed
( 1 Per Customer Per Day Not to be combined with any other offers )

Expiration 12/31/2017


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